Links Jewelry features a patented and distinct hand-made chain and leather design that is made in brass metal with 14Kt gold precious metal and other fashionable finishes with protective Eco-coatings. Solid .925 sterling silver and 14Kt gold are also available. Manufactured locally in Florida, each jewelry item is made by hand using American sourced materials and labor. Links bracelets are unique and made with love and pride. The collection features Buddha themed charms that evoke a sense of balance and peacefulness. Skull charms are also available for those who want a "Rocker Chic" look. Charms are cast from hand carved models and finished in coordinating colors to match or accent the bracelets’ chain. The upscale solid .925 sterling silver and 14Kt gold lines have created diamond accent charms.

All metals are made without nickel and have hypoallergenic qualities. Links creates jewelry that looks and feels like you spent thousands on handcrafted, appealing designs... yet at very affordable prices.

The Classic Line is finished in 14Kt Yellow, White & Rose Gold or .925 Sterling Silver. The Sport Line features Copper Oxide, Black PVD Carbon Microfiber, and Ruthenium treatments. All are nickel free and have hypoallergenic qualities. Links Jewelry is a unisex collection of spirited sophistication in bracelets and cuffs featuring Buddha and skull themed charms.

“Created with the idea when you buy something that makes you Look Good & Feel Good... you instinctively Do Good! Feeling beautiful makes you smile and empowers you to be part of something bigger”...

Neil Koppel, President